For Renters

With growing financial concerns, the desire to rent is growing daily. We
would love to help you buy a home; however, if you are not in a
position to do that right away we would love to help you find a place to
rent. Not only does The Allen Group manage properties but we work with
many investors that may have homes coming available.

If you were looking for renting resources, below are some websites we would recommend considering.  (If you know of any other websites you've found helpful, please email us a link at
and we'll be happy to add it as a resource below. We have no
affiliation with these websites.  Information may not be accurate.)

Craig's List

***Rental Scams***

We've had several calls about "Rental Scams".  Be aware that rental
scams are very prevelant in the Oklahoma City Market!  We've had several
people call in on rentals of ours that had seen the same
advertisement elsewhere advertised for much less. The person that placed
the ad was not a local person and requested a deposit in order to hold
the property! They even found the owners names online via the Oklahoma
County Tax Records and impersonated the owners of the property. They are
very convincing! Do not send money or give your personal account
information to anyone unless you know for certain who they are. If they
can not show you the property in person, then they are most likely not
who they say they are. Please be careful and protect yourself!!